Dimitris Neveskiotis

Dimitris Neveskiotis was born and raised in Drama, Greece. He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts (2017-2022, 1st Sculpture Workshop. Professor: Nikos Tranos). His works are in private collections. Recent exhibitions include: Platform Projects Open Studios, ASKT, 2021 & 2022. ‘Catch the Sun’, Branch of ASKT in Hydra-Mansion Emmanuel Tombazi (2022). ’Blast from the Past’, Kalfayan Galleries, Athens (2023), ‘Allusion’, Circuits and Currents, Athens (2023). In his work, Neveskiotis combines various media, creating a dialogue between hand-drawing and digital-drawing as well as traditional techniques such as ceramics. Neveskiotis composes palimpsests of narratives with caustic humor and socio-political commentary as protagonists. His ceramic works are characterized by their deliberately ‘raw’ image and the deceptive ‘simplicity’ of his drawings, which have references from prehistoric cave painting to pop culture and online gaming. Dimitris Neveskiotis lives and works in Athens.