Konstantinos Patsios

Konstantinos Patsios was born in Athens, Greece, 1977.



  • 2002 – 2007
    • Athens School of Fine Art, Z ‘ Painting Laboratory, Tutors: Y. Psychopaidis, M. Spiliopoulos, Additional Laboratory: Sculpture, Tutor: N. Tranos (graduated with distinction).
  • 1995 – 2000
    • University of Piraeus- Economics and Law of the European Union.
  • 1997
    • “Erasmus programme” scholarship, Poitiers- France (Grand ecole de commerce).
  • 1990
    • Rhode Island School of Design – Scholarship in painting by “Ziridis School” – Providence. USA.



Solo exhibitions


-Modified Atmosphere, Deximi art space, curator: George Oratis,Astypalaia-Greece

-Deep in the forest we meet, Gallery 8, curator: Varvara Roza and Jason Theophanides, London – United Kingdom

-Sic transit gloria artis, Alma gallery, curator: Katia Papandreopoulou, Athens-Greece


-Where are the lotus eaters?, The Blender Gallery, curated by Yannis Bolis , Athens – Greece.


-The Scrambled Papers Theory, Alma gallery, curator:Louisa Karapidaki, Athens-Greece.

-Ink and Botox,The Pulse gallery,curator:Louisa Karapidaki ,Astypalea-Greece.


-Art Market Budapest, International Art fair, Alma gallery, Budapest- Hungary.

-Contradictions, Soul Food, Tinos island-Greece.


-The Lost Parthenon,Melkart gallery,curator Leonie Gavrias,Paris-France.


-Positions Berlin art fair,Alma gallery ,Berlin-Germany.

-The Twisted Odyssey,Underdog gallery ,curator :Mikaela Vergotti,London-United Kingdom.

-The Twisted Odyssey,The Blender Gallery ,curator :Mikaela Vergotti,Athens-Greece.


-Emotional Collective, Cube Gallery, Patra – Greece.


-The Vitrina Project, Solo Presentation, Athens – Greece.

-K.N. Patsios presents The Divine Comedy, Fizz gallery, curator: Alexios Papazacharias, Athens – Greece.

-The Roller Coaster, installation, ekfrasi – Yianna Grammatopoulou gallery, Athens – Greece.


-Koukou, artis causa gallery, curator: Maria Kenanidou, Thessaloniki – Greece.

-ReMap 2, Sugar Mao, Thermopylon 27, curator: Marina Fokidi, Athens – Greece.


-K.N. Patsios presents Mr. Cannibal, Fizz gallery, Athens – Greece

Group exhibitions


– Love me tender, Lola Nikolaou gallery, curator : Stephanos Tsitsopoulos, Thessaloniki-Greece.

-“Εκόμισα εις την τέχνη” , Standinline Artspace, Nicosia-Cyprus.

-Salo X-Salon du dessin érotique, curator: Laurent Quénehén, Paris- France

-Art Market Budapest, International Art fair, Alma gallery, Budapest – Hungary.

-Art Athina, contemporary art fair, Alma gallery, Athens-Greece.

-Love me tender, Alma gallery, curator : Stephanos Tsitsopoulos, Athens-Greece.

-Group exhibition, Lola Nikolaou gallery, curator: Thalia Stefanidou, Thessaloniki-Greece

-Re-Imagine, Imagine Visual Arts, curator:Eleni Gatsa, Athens-Greece

-Don Quixote:Stunts in paradox,G &E .art gallery Vati, curator:George Altouvas, Syros-Greece

-Post, The Blender Gallery, curator: Francesco Piazza, Athens-Greece

-Art Athina, contemporary art fair, Alma gallery, Athens-Greece

-Collecting starts here, Adrian Ibanez gallery, curator :Adrian Ibanez, Bogota-Colombia

– Art Market Budapest, International Art fair, Alma gallery, Budapest – Hungary.

-Canone Doppio, Palazzo Risso, curator: Francesco Piazza, Palermo-Italy

-On a Small Scale: A Mosaic of Contemporary Creation , Alma gallery, curator: Katerina Mertzani, Athens-Greece.

-ExStaseis, Cultural Foundation of Tinos, curator: Megakles Rogakos, Tinos-Greece

-Britannia – Pallas: The Twilight of the Idols, Contemporary Art Museum of Chania, curator: Megakles Rogakos, Crete – Greece

-The Mona Lisa project, Skoufa gallery , Mykonos-Greece.

-1821, οπτική μιας Επανάστασης, War Museum, curator: Eleni Gatsa, Athens -Greece

-Canone Doppio, Project gallery, curator: Francesco Piazza, Athens – Greece

-Cov – Art project, Copelouzos Art museum, Athens – Greece


-Σαλαμίς 480π.Χ. Εικαστική απήχηση 2020 ‘  Hellenic Maritime Museum, curator: Louisa Karapidaki, Piraeus – Greece

-For it is the darkness which bears the light.., Cultural Foundation of Tinos, Alma Gallery, curated by Manos Stefanidis ,Tinos-Greece.

-SALO VIII, Salon du dessin erotique, curated by Laurent Quenehen and Maria Xypolopoulou, Paris-France .

-Meta-Kinesis, Alma Gallery, curated by Yota Dimitriou and Maria Almpani, Athens – Greece.


-Our inner child, Skoufa gallery, Mykonos – Greece.

-Overview Effect, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Metropolitan Organization of Museums of Visual Arts of Thessaloniki (MOMus), curated by Orestis Andreadakis, Thessaloniki-Greece.

-Come together..right now, Alibi Gallery, curated by Matina Charalambi, Athens – Greece.

-Les fleurs du Mal, Project Gallery, curated by Yiannis Bolis, Athens – Greece.

-7Ply Project, French Institute, Thessaloniki-Greece.

-Still Allive,The Project gallery, curator:Yannis Bolis-Alexandros Maganiotis, Athens-Greece.

-Amor Vaccui, ID Project art space, curator:Maria Xanthakos, Louisa Karapidaki, Athens-Greece.

-Art Market Budapest, International Art fair, Alma gallery, Budapest- Hungary.

-100\% Strange,Aabenraa Kunsthandel,Aabenraa -Denmark

-Flash Back ,Alma gallery,Athens -Greece.

-Summer is a state of mind,ΙD Project art space, curator:Maria Xanthakos, Athens-Greece.

-Unfortunately, Zeus was feeling horny…,Skoufa gallery, Mykonos-Greece .

-Treat me mean, I need the reputation…,Skoufa gallery,Mykonos-Greece .

-Man on the moon,The Project Gallery ,curator:Alexandros Maganiotis,Athens-Greece .

-Welcome – The European Hospitality and its Borders,The Project gallery,curator: Megakles Rogkakos-Ioannis Arhontakis,Athens -Greece .

-The Parthenon frieze ,an artistik statement,curator:Yannis Psychopaidis,Teloglion Foundation ,Thessaloniki -Greece .



-“There far away…on the island of salvation” Serbs in Corfu, The Old Fortress-Latin Chapel, curator:Louisa Karapidaki, Corfu-Greece

-The memory of the revolution, contemporary Greek artists , Katsigras museum, curator :Yannis Bolis, Larissa-Greece

-Art Thessaloniki International Art Fair , Artshot gallery, Thessaloniki-Greece

-Democracy, Eptapyrgion-State museum of contemporary art, curator:Yannis Bolis-Catherine Kousoula, Thessaloniki-Greece.

-7Ply Project, French Institute, Thessaloniki-Greece

-Prossalendi’s Britannia, Ionian Academy, curatοr: Megakles Rogakos, Corfu-Greece.

-Die kunst ist ein ausweg bei sexuellen problemen,Sigmund Freud Dream Museum, curator: Megakles Rogakos and Ioannis Arhontakis, St.Petersburg- Russia.

-Yellow me, The Box, curator: George Oratis, Athens- Greece.

-Imago Mundi the Luciano Benetton collection,Salone degli Incanti, Trieste- Italy.

-The walking dead art, Athens conservatoire, curated by M Art , Athens-Greece.

-Symfony in 20 parts, National Museum of Contemporary Art, curator: Yannis Bolis, Thouli Misirloglou,Thessaloniki-Greece.

-Flashback, The Blender Gallery , curator: M.Mavroudi, Athens-Greece.

-Contemporary Greek Artists, 100 years of the October Revolution, Athens school of Fine Arts, curator: Yannis Bolis, Athens- Greece.

-New homelands,Museum of Greek Folk Art, curator: L.Karapidaki, Athens- Greece.

-Less is more, Evripides Art Gallery, Athens-Greece


-Biennale Archipelago Mediterraneo-Mediterranean Routes,Cantieri Culturali Alla Zisa,Palermo-Italy.

-The poligious issues,25/2-2/4/2017,the Crown-Schiedam-the Netherlands (20/5-11/6 EAT-Antwerp-Belgium, 15/7-26/8 Museum Ursulinenconvent-Eijsden-the Netherlands, 7/9-24/9 Mir museum-Gleisdorf-Austria, 3/11-30/11 National art Gallery, Dobrich,Bulgaria)

-Boobs,semiotics of breasts,The Art foundation,Athens-Greece.

-20 years of the Moschandreou gallery of modern art,Messolonghi-Greece.

– Art Athina, The Blender Gallery, contemporary art fair,Athens-Greece

-Art Athina,Veryoung Contemporaryart,Athens Greece.

-MEDinART exhibition,Athens sciense festival 2017,Athens-Greece.

-Ernst und Rosa -Reality Check,The ArtWall,curator:Agnes Tatzber,Athens-Greece.

-The Memory of the Revolution,Contemporary Greek Artists-100 years after the October Revolution,State Museum of Contemporary Art,curator:Yannis Bolis,Thessaloniki-Greece.

-Greek Counter Example,The Blender Gallery,Diplarios School,curator:Thanasis Moutsopoulos,Athens-Greece.

-Sticky Fingers,The Blender Gallery,curator:Leonie Gavrias,Athens Greece.

-MigrArtion,Espace Christiane Peugeot,Paris-France.

-Boobs, semiotics of breasts, The Art foundation, curator:Areti Botsari, Athens-Greece.

-We could be heroes,The Blender Gallery, curator: M.Mavroudi, Athens-Greece.

-Jouet, Alma gallery, curator: Yannis Bolis, Athens-Greece


-Fake,The Pulse Gallery,curator :Louisa Karapidaki,Athens-Greece.

-Action Field Kodra-Mind the Gap,curator:Maria Kenanidou,Thessaloniki-Greece.

-Atithasa Niata,Evripides Gallery,curator:Louisa Karapidaki,Athens-Greece.

-New Era Eaudesea,House of Cyprus,curator:Irini Bazara,Athens-Greece.

-Art Athina,The Blender Gallery,contemporary art fair,Athens-Greece.

-Art Athina,Melkart Gallery,contemporary art fair,Athens-Greece


-19 Artists for Tsitsanis,Alma Gallery,curator:Eleni Gatsa,Trikala-Greece.

-Kaleidoscope,Alma Gallery,curator:Eleni Gatsa,Trikala-Greece.

-Unrealism,Alma Gallery,Athens-Greece.

-Trace-Elements,Lola Nikolaou gallery,Thessaloniki-Greece.

-7ply Project,State Museum of Contemporary art,Thessaloniki-Greece.

-Mykonos Biennale,curator:Lydia Andrioti,Mykonos-Greece.

-The labyrinth of kypseli,Athens Greece.

-The Affordable art fair,The Blender Gallery,London-United Kingdom.

-Filoxenia,Museum of contemporary art,curator:Megaklis Rogkakos,Chania-Kreta.

-Heroica,Art Athina,Platforms,curator:Provo Principles,Athens-Greece.


-Why so serious?curator:Leonie Gavria and Jason Theofanidis,The Blender Gallery.

-Dia, Byzantine and Christian Museum, curator: Dora and Elina Theodoropoulou, Athens – Greece.

-Blue stories ,Cube Gallery ,Patra.

-Vanitas, curator: Cube Gallery – John Bollis,Irini Papakonstantinou , Old baths, Patra – Greece.

-On the road, Galleria Arte Saranta, Tirana – Albania.

-ASasperger, curator: Dora Vasilakou – Evaggelia Constantakou, Cheap Art Chalandri, Athens – Greece.

-Stavrose ton (crucified him), Trianon Megaron, curator: John Arxontakis, Chania (Crete) – Greece.

-Images of the sea, Athens School of Fine Arts, Perseas Programme, Athens – Greece.

-Up, metamatic TAF, Thessaloniki – Greece.

-Up, metamatic TAF, curator: Create an accident, Athens – Greece.

-Art Athina, The Blender Gallery, Athens – Greece.

-Art Athina, Statement made, curator: Artemis Potamianou, Athens – Greece

-Artist cards, Elika Gallery, Athens – Greece.

-Sxedia Simeioseis Sxedies, Papatzikou Gallery, curator: Christos Theofilis, Veroia – Greece.


-Prokat, curator: Thanassis Moutsopoulos, Ηellenic American Union, Athens – Greece.

-Moments of becoming, The Blender Gallery, curator: Leoni Gavrias, Athens – Greece.

-Metavasi, curator: Provo Principles – John Bollis, Municipal Art Gallery, Athens – Greece.

-Kavafis and the city, Gavriilidis editions – Poems and crimes, curator: Yiannis Psychopaidis, Athens – Greece.

-The cabinet, Re Map 4, curator: George Tserionis, Athens – Greece.

-Τhe grey cube show, On studio, curator: Μaria Koumianou, Chania (Crete) – Greece.

-Sharing art, Cube Gallery, Patra – Greece.

-State of mind, Supermarket Art Fair, Lo & Behold, Stockholm – Sweden.

-See 2, Peri Technon Gallery, Patra – Greece.

-Persona Non Grata, Art Athina, Platforms, curator: Provo Principles, Athens – Greece.

-Art Athina, We 33, Platforms, curator: Open Hasiakou Gallery, Athens – Greece.


-Tracing Traces, ekfrasi – Yianna Grammatopoulou gallery/ fizz gallery, curators: Artemis Potamianou – Georgia Kotretsos, Athens – Greece.

-back to Athens 2012, CAMP! Contemporary Art Meeting Point, curator: Tzortzina Theou, Athens – Greece.

-Returning from Utopia – New Reality, About, curator: Yiorgos Tserionis, Athens – Greece.

-Postscraps, CAMP! Contemporary Art Meeting Point, curator: Provo Principles, Athens – Greece.

-Reculture 1, Patra – Greece.


-Summertime, Diatopos Gallery, Nicosia – Cyprus.

-Lol, TAF, curator: Provo Principles, Athens – Greece.

-seXarsi, Booze Cooperativa, curator: Megakles Rogakos, Athens – Greece.

-Undisclosed Recipients, TAF, curator: Panos Skouloudis, Athens – Greece.

-52 Hertz, Melina Mercury, Hydra – Greece.

-Greek Island, Korai 4, Athens – Greece.

-See, Open Hasiakou Gallery, Athens – Greece.

-Michalis Kakoyiannis Foundation, artistic intervention in the theatrical play “Nobody Else” (dir.: Kirki Karali), Athens – Greece.

-Final group show, Vitrina project, Athens – Greece.


-Artists support curators, Kappatos gallery, Athens – Greece.

-Coming Soon, Fizz gallery, Athens – Greece.

-The Vitrina Project, Athens – Greece.

-3rd Anniversary exhibition, Artis Causa,Thessaloniki – Greece.

-Rooms to let, The Art Foundation, curator: George Georgakopoulos, Athens – Greece.

-Cinephil, Michalis Kakoyiannis Foundation, group show, curator: Yiannis Psychopaidis, Athens – Greece.

-With eyes open, The Container, Thessaloniki – Greece


-Action Field Kodra, Hinterland, dialogue b, curator: Maria Kenanidou, Thessaloniki – Greece.

-The Artweek – project, curator: Anne Lildholdt Jensen, Aabenra – Denmark.

-Zulu/ require a tag, Perikleous 44, Guru, Athens – Greece.

-Art Athina – Fizz gallery, Contemporary Art Fair, Athens – Greece.

-Miden Festival, Kalamata – Greece.

-Athens Photo Festival – FNAC, glance at the city, Athens – Greece.

-“The Arty-Farty show” – Obi uptown, curator: Alexios Papazacharias, Athens – Greece.


–Athina/Open plan – gallery ekfrasi-Yianna Grammatopoulou, Contemporary Art Fair, curated by Bettina B, Athens – Greece.

-Art Athina, Athens Ville, curator: Marina Fokidi, Athens – Greece.

-“The portrait of a museum”, Averof Museum, Metsovo – Greece.

-Athens School of fine Arts – Graduation exhibition.

-“The Meeting Point”, group exhibition, P65, Athens – Greece.


-Contemporary Istanbul – Gallery ekfrasi-Yianna Grammatopoulou, Contemporary Art Fair, Istanbul – Turkey.

-Belle arte Lamia, Modern Art Exhibition, Lamia – Greece [1st award].

-Action Field Kodra, Participation at the 7th Visual Arts Festival, Section Rooms to let, Thessaloniki – Greece.

-Kreation, Varvakios Market – May 2007, Athens School of Fine Art Students exhibition at the meat market, Athens – Greece.

-Goldener Centaur, May 2007, Represented Athens School of Fine Art in painting at a European competition of visual arts, Münchner Künstlerhaus, Munich – Germany.

-Artists beehive, Kipseli Municipal Market, February 2007, 12 young artists exhibiting at the market, curator: Leda Kazantzaki, Athens – Greece.

-4th Greek Fine Art Students Biennial, December 2006 – February 2007, Maris hotels, Rethimno-Crete & Athens Metro, Exhibition space of Syntagma Station.


-Digital freaks install the noise, Three day festival including video, performances, cinema & dj sets. Curator and participator, Technopolis (Gazi), Athens – Greece.

-FATA MORGANA – Benaki Museum, Visual approaches to the poetry of Nikos Kavvadias, Athens – Greece.


-Video Readings – E.M.S.T. – A.S.K.T. Presented the video art piece “La jalousie des hombres” on body art, Athens – Greece.

-Poésie en images, French Institute, Athens Young artists group show on French poetry, Athens – Greece.


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