Leonie Yagdjoglou

Leonie Yagdjoglou is a visual artist based in Athens. For the last fourteen years, she has devoted her practice to ceramic art, as it combines the two basic elements of her artistic ways of expression, design and painting. She had four solo shows: My self as a room at DEPAM, Mykonos in 2017, Objects born not made at KARYBU, Τinos in 2019, Narratives from ceramic creations at Art Appel gallery in 2020 and The Queen Undressed at IRIS GALLERY, in 2022. Leonie has participated in numerous group exhibitions such as CERAMIC AGAIN at Hermes, Just Art at Showroom10 and When Law goes pop(!)_Project {Just/Art} at the AthensMunicipal Center of Arts, Εmergency at Sealed Earth.

She took her first professional steps in Cologne, Germany (1995-1999) where she participated in founding MILK Design GmbH, a creative branding agency that soon became very successful, attracting a number of distinguished clients. In 1999, she returned permanently to Greece as co-founder and creative director of MILK in Athens.

Leonie studied Graphic Design at the Vakalo Art and Design College in Athens (1988-91) and Communication Design at the prestigious Art Center College Of Design (Europe) in Montreux, Switzerland, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.