Ethereal Leap


Dimensions130 × 300 cm



Photo Credits

CJ Making Stories, Gerasimos Mavromatis

Artist Statement

The artwork "Ethereal Leap" is an iron installation dedicated to the renowned ICAROS ceramics of Rhodes. This piece combines the elegance and grace of a deer with the whimsical nature of a windsock. The installation celebrates the seamless fusion of art, nature, and craftsmanship, paying homage to the heritage of IKAROS ceramics. The "Ethereal Leap" is a life-size sculpture of a young deer frozen in mid-leap, its powerful hind legs extended in a dynamic posture. A profound transformation takes place from the brushstrokes of Icaros ceramics, a deer emerges, breaking free from the confines of symbolism and embarking on a daring escape. As the deer ventures beyond the
painted borders, it enters the realm of the tangible, three-dimensional existence. The weightlessness of its leap embodies the timeless creativity and craftsmanship that the ceramics represent.
Yet, its escape signifies a transcendence, a yearning to exist beyond the limits of art's symbolic language.

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