Take me to the bouzoukia of Paradise, Vasso Tzouti, Brussels 27 October 2022

Take me to the bouzoukia of paradise:Women; at times immersed in the blue of the sea with a body barely visible, recollections of a mythical beast; at times free of roots, a brushstroke, a note of an erotic pose; at times without body as such, just a face, just eyes, a blue dot staring at you with no guilt or intention to judge.

In her first solo exhibition in Brussels, Vasso Tzouti chooses a place infused with Greek music and songs, as take me to the bouzoukia of paradise,  to present the woman of today, inspired by Greek lyrics that enter her work as a momentary memory to express woman’s strength and fragility, unanswered love, loneliness, the anguish to say what remains forever unsaid, the void between words.
The song – as a title on her large-scale pieces, as a speech bubble or as prose – seems to serve in her work like music theatre text and her painted figures like protagonists in an imaginary play.

The forms are chaotic compositions of violent strokes, painted bluntly, swiftly; pure colors often straight out of the tube cover the surface of her unframed, roughly cut canvas. Forms sometimes dynamic and absolute, sometimes
fragile and otherworldly that draw from pictures of family and friends staged by the artist in poses inspired by films, sports, celebrities or from images in fashion magazines or ads, cutouts of figures as repeat patterns on paper.

The artist explores the predispositions of the female soul that correspond to emotional, behavioral and cognitive models as systematic elements of the unconscious; patterns that define the way of processing senses, perceptions
and symbols. Through her painting, she creates a range of experiences as a way out for her personal female temperament via sentimental reactions with subconscious influences.


source: artbase

Vernissage: Thursday 27/10 18-21h

Visiting hours:

Saturday 29/10 14-18h, Saturday 5/11 14-18h

Sunday 6/11 14-18h , Saturday 12/11 14-18h