Modern Love (or Love in the Age of Cold Intimacies) is the next major group exhibition at ΕΜΣΤ. Curated by artistic director Katerina Gregos, it launches the museum’s winter-spring exhibition cycle, which focuses on digital technology and its influence on intimate human relationships. The subtitle of the exhibition is a reference to Eva Illouz’s book, Cold Intimacies: The Making of Emotional Capitalism, which argues that these relationships have become increasingly defined by economic and

Is it a scene from Blowup, Michelangelo Antonioni’s renowned film, or maybe a studio where a porn film is shot? The setting of 2020: Obscene, with its bright colors and cameras recording everything, is on the edge. Like everything else happening during the 85 minutes of this performance that comments on lifestyle sadomasochistic eroticism’s fetishism. “I am a woman, not a fool,” proclaims Alexandra Bachzetsis and stages a performance which serves

Love Solidarity Death (L.S.D.) | The Callas Mediterranean psychedelia, fluorescent carpets, catwalks, concerts, and film screenings by the subversive artistic collective at the Onassis Stegi Exhibition Hall -1 Twenty years after first appearing on the scene, Aris and Lakis Ionas (The Callas) are taking over the Onassis Stegi Exhibition Hall -1 to present a hallucinatory exhibition suffused with Mediterranean psychedelia. With this psychedelic spell of an exhibition, cast over the past, present, and