Dwarf Bather


Dimensions25 × 27 × 38 cm



Artist's Statement

I wanted to create a project that welcomes you and at the same time, motivates you into action. A form that becomes one with the flow of the Place and is bathed in watery, cyan, complex waveforms, but without drowning. A figure that merges the notion of the earthy with that of the aquatic. Suddenly a hero appeared, who has the ability to appear small and at the same time huge, without a problem that doesn't look like Colossus. I felt I had to transport him somewhere there in Rhodes to his place, even if only mentally.In unsafe distance quite far from the harbour, he swims for hours soaked and his vision gradually blurred. Sometimes he saw the ripples of the water like flowers, sometimes the glimmerings like thorns and sometimes help from heaven seemed like an elaborate anthem that would snatch him from the tempest.Colored eddies, fragments, mythical creatures and currents, at last accompanied him to the bottom.A woman looks at him, smiles sweetly and rescues him. The locals said it was the Virgin Mary.

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