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Dimensions18 × 52 cm



Photo Credits

CJ Making Stories, Gerasimos Mavromatis

Artist Statement

The great history behind Ikaros' ceramics through the years… can find expression in other objects of contemporary urban tradition to express another side of history. This particular dish was the starting point of my idea. It was my reference to the embroidered handwork that could be the decoration for a tablecloth or a throw. Its symmetry is something that is also found in handiwork. But even more it became the theme of this particular depiction. The two peacocks looking at each other. The mirroring. A symbol of abundance, wisdom and immortality.Semiotics for the tablecloth:Urban tradition, livelihood, housekeeping, endowments from generation to generation, myths and stories around the table, hospitality. The tablecloth was laid on Sundays and holidays and the family gathered around it. They invited relatives and close friends and exchanged news and stories. It was the social media of those times. I picked out this particular item as a form from the book to decorate the center of the table setting; all the colors and decoration have now carried over to the tablecloth. The form of the IKAROS ceramic can be distinguished for its harmony and curvature. Black brushstrokes transfer part of the outline of the peacocks onto the vase. Symbolizing the eternal continuity of history.

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