Animasyros 2022

Animasyros 2022 expands its activities for an extra day and as usual it will take place in  several locations, sites, and venues at the island of Syros including a new one! A historic winter cinema of the island, HERMES, which has been abandoned for years, will be in the hands of the creative team of Animasyros, with the challenge to bring life and animation to this historical cultural space. The artistic program of the Festival is enriched this year with 7 competition sections, special tributes and events, training sessions, international collaborations as well as the Agora, the industry event which offers various networking opportunities which focus on the countries of the East Mediterranean region.

The main focus of Animasyros 2022 entitled, The Baltic Animation Way, is dedicated to the animation production of the Baltic States (Estonia, Lithuania & Latvia) aiming to highlight this particular and innovative animation scene that flourishes in these countries.

The visual identity of Animasyros 2022 was designed by the pioneer in the Greek animation scene, illustrator and visual artist, Yiannis Koutsouris. The multi-award winning artist has illustrated numerous books, newspapers, magazines, has created hundreds of characters, logos, advertisements and cartoons, while for more than 30 years he produced some of the most popular movies and animated commercials. Since 2OOO he has been dedicated to painting and sculpture presenting his creations in numerous self and group exhibitions. He has been a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece since 1973.


The Festival

The artistic program of Animasyros 2022 includes the competition categories: International Professional, International Student, Feature Film/Audience Award, Greek-speaking film, TV and Commissioned Films, while for the second year is included the K.ID.S category with films for young audiences and the Animapride section with LGBTQI+ animated film.

Moreover, the Agora, the international meeting and trading event, is one of the most vibrant parts of the Festival, as it connects the Greek animation community with international professionals offering opportunities through strategic collaborations such as with the world famous animation studio Folimage (2021) and the MIFA – Animation du Monde (2020), of Annecy International Animation Festival to name but a few.

The Agora program includes the Pitching Forum, roundtables, panel-discussions, workshops, masterclasses and networking meetings aiming to support and enhance the industry professionals globally. Internationally acclaimed animators and producers such as Joanna Quinn and Les Mills will present a masterclass based on their film The Affairs of the Art, nominated for this year’s Oscars in the category of short animation, as well as the renowned French producer Olivier Catherin, who will introduce us to the production process of an animation film. Moreover, the MEDanina tribute continues for a second year featuring artists from the Mediterranean countries. Submissions of projects for the Pitching Forum will be announced soon.

Finally, Animasyros 2022 media literacy programmes aim to familiarize children, adolescents, young professionals, persons with disabilities, as well as the elderly with the basic principles of animation and to cultivate their free artistic expression. The educational workshops of Animasyros 2022 are inspired from basic human values such as Solidarity and Acceptance.