For its 2023 edition "Back to Athens 10 | 2023: Geometry of racional", the established International Art Meeting of artistic activity in the heart of the Athenian center will open at the monumental early 1920’s Isaiah Palace. Back to Athens is an annual profile of the ideas and proposals of the art community that reflect the identity of everyday culture. In response to the critical issues and current social and artistic transformations developed

A monumental spectacle of an experience on the border between theater, film, and video art by Poland’s leading contemporary director Łukasz Twarkowski, making his Greek debut with an iconoclastic performance that dives deep into the abyss that is contemporary art and centers on the strange individual that was the expressionist artist Mark Rothko.   A Chinese restaurant, with hanging lanterns and cooks standing over pans of noodles, an all-white New York gallery

Exceptional artists all over the world that collaborated with Alexander Iolas. Most of them were close friends. His galleries all around the world featured the most important modern and contemporary artists. Iola’s personality and creativity inspired some of the most iconic works of art. lexander Iolas was born in Alexandria, Egypt, as Constantinos Coutsoudis. He was the firstborn son of Andreas and Persephone Koutsoudi. Three more siblings followed, Dimitrios, Niki and

Animasyros 2022 expands its activities for an extra day and as usual it will take place in  several locations, sites, and venues at the island of Syros including a new one! A historic winter cinema of the island, HERMES, which has been abandoned for years, will be in the hands of the creative team of Animasyros, with the challenge to bring life and animation to this historical cultural space. The